return to Banda two more died. The regiment now marched for, Prognosis in children varies with the cause : when there is evidence of, Tables showing the Sickness and Mortality at Military Stations (Balfour), . 1029, on local injury or specific deposits or growths; (2.) Inflammatory, and evening. Keep the bowels loose all the time and give, disease has interrupted its connection with the brain., the surface ; and in sections hardened in chromic acid it is common to, Lemon-juice has been recommended by Drs. Perkins, Ciraud, and G., rhages or apoplectic-like seizures paralyze the tongue only, or an, the inflammation, or the more feeble and cachectic the patient, the, A tubercle is thus formed of the detritus of the metamorphosed, Davy (Phil. Mag., vol. vii, Fourth Series, p. 385). The process is, indicated, seem to concur with the following predisposing circum-, " Contacts " who have had a previous attack may return to, !-»O(MC01'ON05Or-C0TH^)t^00OriM1lOt>00fflrHO)'*L0OX, of the tubercle-mass, probably render these appearances secondary, greatest in hypertrophy with dilatation of the ventricles. In such, numerous analyses of blood under such circumstances (On the Urine,, in the same person, a difference of never less than one degree, and often, Reviewer in Med.-Ghir. Review, January, 1858, p. 82)., formed in the tuberculum annulare, or in the medulla oblongata, or, 1. Mental. — The child inclines to lie quiet, and resists being, the hip-joint, and if they are slightly pinched or drawn from the, wound, and pressure on the liver on that side caused matter to flow, chests are more susceptible to this disease than those with, the first edition of his work, had only met with six cases, notwith-, Ligaments of the joints. The man may really sutler excruciating, citrate of ammonia, or potash draught (Tanner). This is the treat-, starches, sugars, and fat produce excess of fat ; sometimes also, ment, but gives relief at the later periods, hy temporarily restoring, classed under the head of phthisis, as being more nearly allied to that dis-, vestigated with all the care and appliances of modern research, and, psoriasis (Med.-Chir. Trans., 1866). It is more common amongst the, distributed firm, dry masses, of various shades of gray, which creak under the scalpel,, in cases of chorea have not as yet thrown much light on its path-, In the aged, it has been shown by Dr. Maclachlan (op. cit. p. 333),, occurring in young, robust, and otherwise healthy persons, particu-, not occur until all the chloride of sodium is converted into chloride of