the diminution of the excess of fibrine present in the blood, as well
perceptible to the human hand. There is of course deficient ex-
(3.) That failure to evacuate its contents might prove detrimental.
chitis ; and the danger of this disease is denoted by the quantity of
nutely described by many observers, and especially by Dr. T. Pea-
topics to what has been already written at pages 203 and 724, et seq.,
who inhale the dust from animal tissues, and coal-miners. Dr. Greenhow
decussation of the fibres. After their intersection, when traced
ordinary symptoms. The premonitory phenomena already noticed,
poison is urea cannot yet be decided. Frerichs, indeed, has lately affirmed
lasts for the first three or four hours, when it ceases altogether.
personally he never diagnosed it unless in addition there was definite
of sugar lessens, and in which the substance known as inosite or
towns, and in huts, hospitals, and barracks. Typhus and typhoid
Rev. Samuel Haughton's Tables for the Determination of Urea in the
" In the phlegmatic form the complexion is dark, the features disagree-
knit. If the eyelid be opened, the eye is seen to be injected, some-
white ; the tissue is drier than normal ; it cannot be easily emptied
Carlsbad waters arc much in vogue for the treatment of gout; they are
in a remarkable manner (Edin. Med. Journal, August, 1864).
have had the disease at a previous period and recovered from it
chanicsburg was visited by it, and in November, Marshall, 111., and
lishes a greater disposition to another. Women often suffer greatly
scribed by Dr. Jones, deficiency of stomachal digestion being com-
bared a greater or less portion of their bed. The part thus exposed
If the bloodletting is not followed by some degree of conscious-
been more varied than in diabetes mellitus. Every conceivable medi-