1whole face, rapidly extending over the rest of the body. In the
2it is well to observe in all cases whether or not the brain has re-
3the progress of other diseases which terminate fatally, there may
4others it develops to an alarming extent within twenty-four
5at the diagnosis to which ordinary means had led those watching
6munity, yet the information is of great value, and the following-
8diffusible stimulants, such as brandy, ether, chloroform, ammonia,
9tation, paroxysms of cough and dyspnoea, oedema of the feet and legs,
10Concentrated broths, with eggs, milk, cream, tapioca, sago, and the like
11ounce of cold cream, will generally relieve it. If there is much weeping,
12in both sexes, by the usual remedies applicable for these purposes.
13ble of all drugs in the treatment of skin diseases, and in psoriasis it
16a large quantity of adipose deposit. There was no trace of fatty degen-
17If the case be mild, two grains to an ounce of water ; if more severe
18change " is one of the earliest symptoms of the disease." On the
19times traced from the second or third rib as low as the sixth or
20which are thus said to act upon the brain through the medium of
22third part of lime-water in it, may be given every two hours, pre-
23anodyues, Mr. Tufnell regards lactucarium as the most valuable,
247. An opportunity was afforded me, when Pathologist to the
25the red and gray consolidated tissues, as if certain air-cells had
26rupture of the intestine, when, the contents of the bowels escaping
27tumor was evidently large and very elastic — hence the great modi-
28seen in cancer are generally so diversified in their form and mode
29instrumental in first elucidating, and m earnestly recommending to
30ent in any one case, there is generally such a combination of them,
31acid and urea in the urine is said by some to be increased during
32flask, about eight inches diameter, and six inches deep, having a
33dust," or " fever sediments." They dissolve when the urine is
34traced from the affected part into the normal structure of tissue,