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12of ammonia, sulphuric ether, and tincture of nux vomica.
13— are comparatively rare in the aged. The scalp may be hotter
14britis, encephalitis, or meningitis — in other words, in proportion as
15difficult and a terrible gurgling, wheezing commotion will be
16— when sudden and rapid aggravation happens, the paralysis extending
18momentary shivering ; but, as the paroxysm forms, the heat is
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20that we can state such a result in other than general terms. While
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24On the morning of the eighth day (at nine a.m.) the thermometer
25man, Epidemische meningitis; Italian, Febbre cerebro-spinale — Syn., Menin-
27the seat of lesion. (2.) If the loss of sensation affects a portion of
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31pears about the sixth dorsal vertebra. It is propagated into the
33"When the mitral valve permits regurgitation, a " purring tremor"