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(1862), gangrene of the lung is still a condition at all times difficult

and passes nearly transversely outwards for a short distance in the

Three grains of the Extract of Conium are to be taken four times a

If this should fail to scatter the enlargement it will hasten

It has not been proved that the inoculation of cancerous matter

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treated by Dr. Dechilly's method with like results. After a rambling

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and physical condition of the texture of the heart itself with which

involuntary defecation and micturition, are common. Involuntary

substance of the hemispheres. Very different statements are made as

the best he can ; and if this is but indifferently well done, he may

and at length his mind wanders, and he dies by coma or apnoea.

more exposed than the men with whom they lived. Simple expos-

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impulse of the apex against the side of the chest, and the pulse of

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the superior lobe ; while rarely the whole lung is inflamed.

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fibrous filaments. There is great proliferation of the connective tissue,

riforin, and when mixed with blood, medullary sarcoma, fungus

thickest part of the septum, ventriculorum is at its centre.

that the brain and its membranes are occasionally found in every

which case, however, the nuclei are always small, and have a homogeneous

great auricular nerve of the cervical plexus, and offsets from it pene-