of University College, and Dr. Pavy of Guy's Hospital, London,

(1.) Take 50 or 100 c. c. of recently opened wine; (2.) Add from

tial nephritis, or the interstitial fatty kidney, especially in syphilitic

wards assuming a yellowish or greenish color; appetite lost;

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IV. Inflammation of the Granular or Hepatic Parenchyma occurs either

ment of gastric ulcer, and, combined with the restricted diet de-

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to the other (Sibson). If, on the contrary, the development and

rowing of the bronchi from inflammation and its products, spasm or

Blue and the Yellow Rivers. In Africa we know of the Zais, the

emaciation, with profuse sweating on very little exercise;

The degeneration seems to commence — (1.) In the arterial capil-

peritoneum which I have called tlu superior or Ufl-root fold, since

saliva is increased in quantity and altered in quality ; for in cases

Will in relation especially to Thought, Emotion, Sensation, and Mo-

already indicated by the isothermal line of 77°. In a northern

a kind of milk, composed of water, albuminous matter, fat, mucus,

ally resemble those observable after protracted fevers or other

mule and ass; and, by inoculation, it can be communicated to

Intussusception of the intestine, or strangulation of the intestine

(Meryon). Another very common symptom connected with inju-

are so characteristic that, according to Trousseau, there is no other

the lung overlapping it in front, to a variable extent during full

leeches, cautiously employed, and perhaps frequently repeated ;

Volta-electric machines are made for medical purposes by Messrs.

modic pains of the stomach." Some are described as ansemic and

Treatment of Nep>hria, or Acute Bright's Disease, ..... 950

it is not an acute disease, in the sense of tending to a recovery, but a