eases being comparatively more prevalent at the time he wrote than
vidual steadily goes on. It is a precedent condition to tuberculization,
The following rules, compiled from Drs. Bucknill and Tuke's
trunk, and ultimately involves the upper extremities and the face ;
The principle of the speculum in use by dentists, and first used
Guides to the Diagnosis of Brain and Nervous Diseases, . . . 276
thoracis in simple pleurisy is not to be performed unless the life of
retina, giving rise to the appearance of motes or small bodies float-
From 1814 to 1857 circumscribed epidemics of cerebro-spinal menin-
right auriculo-ventricular orifice, and so permits regurgitation
"Nothing has }^et been discovered of equal utility to these bran cakes,
discreetly, and not later than the first stage. There is no substantial
Mortality increases in Tropical Climates in proportion to length of Residence, 1028
lactic acid, which then combines with oxygen to form carbonic acid
of beriberi as the result of exhaustion and debility (Farrell, Dick,
as free from starch as possible ; and finely powdered, so that it may
of the Penis, caused by blows from the whip or kick from a
saccharine principles of food, forms with the mucous membrane an
enlarged. The nostrils are generally dry, or thick mucus may be
expert. A valuable paper on the Modes of Examining the Optic Disc with the Oph-
by pressure and rubbing, through the substance of the containing
Next in order comes streptococcal infection, which was present
ning, and does not become excessive until later, when the apices of the
sity and exaltation of the Conceptive and Perceptive Faculties.
municated to the American Medical Association at their meeting, June,
nutrition of the body is promoted in proportion as refuse materials
(-1.) It may result from the co-operation of many influences ; for
mined accurately. (2.) The inconstancy and irregularity of the
wine), beginning with 20 minims three times a day, and increasing b}^ 10
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palliative, unless the case can be removed to a dry healthy