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the name of " phlebitis " has been given ; (2.) In connection with
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order of comparative mortality, the diseases are as follow : Spasmodic
Atropise Sulpbatis, gr. j ; Sp. Vini Gallici, Tt^c. M. One drop of this solution is
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weary and unrefreshed by sleep. He is irritable, and often depressed
a source of infection prevails in the city. In the end of 1910 the
to a violet hue, and is generally darker in the aged than in the adult.
of inevitable fallacies. Portal considered that phthisis " might last from
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Paget thinks that the influence of the liquor potassae is worthy of con-
generally hidden, being deeply buried in the tissues, so that when
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In adults, the breathlessness is very great, with distended nostrils,
ease to changes going on in the central ganglia of the brain, such
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