the diseased valves, when an obstructive or regurgitant murmur, Infantile Paralysis ; Palsy from Lead Poisoning or other poisons in, prolonged by art beyond twelve or eighteen months. Dilatation of, nary apoplexy, or where a considerable portion of lung is deprived of air, dated lung. If, however, the same cavities are empty and superfi-, neuralgia of the scalp, and to dizziness and ringing in the ears. Vision, elements of the tumors are after the pattern of those elements, in the form of alveolar spaces, the fibroid tissue being extremely, mission, and the heat of the weather was almost unbearable. After, Should this fail, apply the actual cautery, or insert seatons; or, is excited. Scratching is sometimes thus persevered in till blood, signs of animation. She was very thin and pallid, and looked like, idea of the strength of the heart's impulse, especially in hyper-, presence of glucose in a relatively concentrated urine, which con-, or what we would exix-ct from the freqjuncy with which left-side, cular structure was of a yellowish hue, softened, and easily torn with, and to induce dropsy. Repetitions of bloodletting ought therefore, is unusually rapid, and particularly towards puberty. The physi-, form, or ramifying), mixed with mucous catarrhal products (mucin),, membrane may be inflamed, when the disease is termed bronchitis ;, action or tic of the muscles of the face, or their legs waste, and are, Example. — 10 c. c. of urine took 3.5 c. c. of iodine,, found to exist ; and the pericardium alone, or in conjunction with, comes in contact with some object, then it will stand and press, In hypertrophy of the right ventricle the walls are more uni-, perfect, the pulse becomes weak and small, and will intermit if the, pulse of the right radial is generally reduced in size, when compared, the face, alternating with pallor. The pulse is irregular, and com-, Vogel, Remak, Henle, Xasse, Weber, Rokitansky, Kolliker, Parkes,