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6cutta, Chinsurah, and Berhampore are highly malarious (Martin).
7months it may not seem to make so rapid a progress as it does later ;
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19great tension, suppuration never occurs. Absorption of the effused serum
20are the cases in which cardiac inflammation is most liable to arise
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24[The rational or restorative treatment of pneumonia agrees with the
26lungs or testicle, they have been known to weigh, in extreme cases,
27Dinner at one p.m., to consist of two ounces of fresh beef or
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29globules of urate of ammonia, mixed with the precipitate of phos-
31always more or less associated with a sea voyage, are beneficial to
33this, a microscope must be used with a linear magnifying power
34practice much caution and circumspection is necessary in assigning