lar tissue of the body, passing, therefore, up through and amongst
tongue. These patches are thrown off, to be renewed again ; and
ascites, local oedema or anasarca, and enlargement of the organ, are more
with anaemia or malarial poisoning, except, perhaps, the double salt of
disease may be preceded by fever, but often no such antecedent is
of blood in the expectoration justifies suspicion of aneurism, in the
the inside of the lips or the tumid cheek. These vesicles are sur-
in origin, it is a murmur of regurgitation; if, on the other hand, it is
exertions, carry a loaded pack and wear cross-belts.
opinion that the remedy should be employed at an early period,
to death to be irregular and uncertain in its action — a condition
opened, and more powerfully at the moment of closure. It is said
At places where the process is less advanced extravasations
wholly or partially destroyed, and yet no loss of speech has been
bleeding, during the subsidence of the inflammation, so that the
sedentary life and abandonment of all active bodily exertions are
lable — one-eighth. 6. Feebly coagulable — less than one-eighth. 7.
R. Cupri Sulphatis, gr. xx ; Pulv. Sacchari, gj. Div. in pil. xx. Two every
subclavian to the blood current, the former of which receives the
Diagnosis The diagnosis of chronic alcoholism is not usually diffi-
and Dr. Bright. Dr. Baillie states that he once saw pus effused
It is relatively more frequent amongst the poor than amongst the
measles are sometimes epidemic ; and Guinea-worm, among parasitic
congestion of the organ, favors the stoppage of the secretion. Thus
In China we know of the miasmatic nature of the deltas of the
general physiognomy, this variety of acute phthisis very closely resem-
ease, while an undue importance has been placed upon the bronzing
talk, we hear his voice as if he were speaking directly at the end
views expressed by Drs. R. B. Todd and Carpenter, which are now