striking, and symptoms of functional derangement present them-
tokens great suffering and is of a bluish hue, the lips are purple, the
offensive breath. At length the senses of sight and of hearing be-
urgent. Vertigo was frequently complained of, but headache
branes have been found united to each other. There is reason to
marked febrile symptoms, malaise, and diarrhoea, and ultimately
of the two lungs separate — namely, at- the spot between the fourth
When general and local applications are unsuccessful, the cause
phthisis. It is eminently a disease of 3 r outh, and is rarely met with after
was a slight effusion into the arachnoid cavity, more puncta cruenta
things as he knows the patient takes a lively interest in ; and the
premonitory symptoms, and those also which constitute the paroxysm,
good — a feeble state of arterial tension giving to the finger and the
nately constipated; and evacuations, when they occur, are dark and
muscle is concerned) impaired ; but the natural position of semi-
lants, best administered by the rectum, and moderate cold affusion to the
ception and voluntary power, with more or less generally distributed
Woodward writes : " Recruits have not escaped, and those have especially
Weight of the Lungs and Heart, as to Age and Height.
the tissue it selects for first attack. — Rrunton.
ing how cold is favorable to the development of pain by preventing the
but few patients survive the age of puberty ; Cardinal, however,
properly and adequately nourished, and stimulants are often required,
were 675 cases of measles, of which 130 died, death being caused mainly
Latin Eq., Cyanosis; French Eq., Cyanose; German Eq., Cyanose — Syn.,
ditions of success, and this should be fairly stated at the outset to the
wringing around the navel, accompanied with soreness. The walls
may be opened in the arm, and four ounces of blood allowed to
"tubercle," must now be even still more modified under the com-
stomach is felt ; the bowels are constipated, and the fasces pale. A short,
of pneumonia became resolved. A blister applied for four or six
son, Bennett, and others, of the frequency of acidity of the primae vise in