and uneasiness, rather than of soreness ; his pulse is natural, but the

Expression of the Countenance in Thoracic Disease. — The countenance

half an inch in length existed in the posterior aspect of the left

[Andral found the body temperature always natural ; though anaemic

the wrist only, the elbow and shoulder being quite motionless. The

The ileum may readily become adherent to adjacent peritoneum,

point of exit of this small nerve ; and pressure over the frontal emi-

varies, perhaps according to the form of the inflammation and its

1. At birth tubercles may exist in one or more organs (Chau-

peculiar mesh-like capillary network also exists ; but where the cells

on each side. The kidneys are equally shared between the infra-

Third. To prevent the recurrence of fresh exudation by careful atten-

oil-silk or -muslin should be worn. Purgatives should be used with great

Germany it was said for two centuries to have been epidemic, and

rapidly exhausted. In general, therefore, the patient does better

Oil according to directions, or the tollowing blisti'r :

cerebral patholog} 7 , and particularly in softening of the brain, which, it

verted that they fall into incurable insanity. Esquirol gives the

a handle, which ma} T be used or not. To apply it, it is held by its flat sides,

and adherent, so as to produce obstruction" (Practice of Medicine,

their descendants are no longer to be recognized after a prolonged

for years the fatal development of tuberculous disease, with which

is complained of, and none is elicited by pressure. The muscles seem to

little in his general health, and often feels he would be well if he

produced on the bowels, it may be advisable to let the first enema