ment ; red cells=770,ooo, Hb.=35 % ; ansmia increased in spite
neous obstruction of peripheric arteries ; (6.) At last gangrene en-
may be applied with benefit, combined with purgative extracts and
"cheerful hope" which illumines every hour the patient has to
hinders the passage of serous or aqueous fluid from the Malpighian
blows, of cantharides, or other irritants ; the presence of calculi in
or cancer, the other lobe, either upper or lower, as the case may be,
is more frequently affected than any other joint. One joint after another
use the same sohition on unhealthy ragged sores; or
should be made in the sixth interspace in the mid-axillary line,
air. The seat of the pain, however extensive the inflammation, is
Asylum, near Edinburgh, and Dr. Boyd, of the Somerset County
sputa — (1.) In chronic bronchial catarrh ; (2.) In bronchial dilata-
cancers. The diversity exists alike in the corpuscles, the basis
urine nor in the blood, as was determined by Dr. Parkes after
cautions as before. The washings, after being mixed together as before,
cumstances of the case, and the nature of the constitutional disease.
now generally regarded as the parts more immediately related to
the human body ; and two hypotheses have been imagined to account
Psoriasis vulgaris. — Psora leprosa, Lepra vulgaris, or dry tetter,
mended by Dr. Meryon. Spermatorrhoea may be relieved by pres-
The quantity of opium or other narcotic known to have been taken
scab, which may or may not be followed by a cicatrix.
perfectly motionless, but on the sound side it is immediately drawn
chest is called a "pleximeter" and consists simply of a flat piece of
by virtue of his physiological and psychological endowments of
^Treatment. — If there be time, commence by the inhalation of the
from pasture to dry teed; irritation from teething; impure air;
involved {Edin. Med. Journal, 1864, p. 1114). "When the sounds of
effusion of plastic lymph. In this lymph the epithelial cells develop fresh
defined by Moynihan, may be and usually is associated with the
thoracic cavity. Generally after a chill or cold stage sharp
the hottest parts of the West Indies are free from fever. It cannot
escapes from the bloodvessels, and accumulates in the areolar tissue
takes the place of vesicular respiration. Its production and course are