demic, but so irregularly that it assumed that character in 1804,
it has been thought by some to be due to pressure on the right recur-
or are they the secondary products of metastatic infection — capillary em-
contracted, and upon section looks striated and as if interwoven with
The great majority of cases ot lock-jaw arise from punctur-
cance of the phenomena ; but the following statements will convey
their course. Such cases prevail most between the ages of twenty
contained pigment granules, which, in some instances, completely fill the
panion glass is taken, and the "density lost" ascertained. The two fol-
abstinence from food and drink is a common feature. There is
urine nor in the blood, as was determined by Dr. Parkes after
vessels, forming myriads of petechise, but also in its rapid putrefaction,
stem, which, being previously warmed, to prevent the breath con-
wards, becoming gradually more and more glassy, as if from the
same results in two instances by using non-tuberculous diseased products
cases is that of Venereal, by which one-third of all the admissions
These are the main points to be inquired into and provided for in
is in large amount, and the pigment is increased, while the chlo-
sprang up in error ; and it has been perpetuated mainly by the erroneous
marked that the action of the heart becomes more regular, its im-
tent as to lead to renewal or increase of the fever and inflammation of
faintings, or a peculiar sinking and sense of faintness, with profuse
ing the patient for many months, perhaps twelve or more, persistently
and Dr. Bright. Dr. Baillie states that he once saw pus effused
Pathology. — In the continental cities of Europe about eight per
ter (Paget). A review of the opinions of recent writers, by Dr.
stances where every case was fatal. [The death-rate in the several epi-