1being able to establish pleurisy in a healthy person (Hyde Salter,
2The urine became copious and limpid, and the calls to pass it
3with masses of cells, which not only press on and ulcerate the papillae
5which forms between urea and oxide of mercury in neutral or alka-
6coats of the stomach, is the true agent which counteracts the effects of the gastric
7triere Hospital, and brought forward by Rogee and others as evidence of
8Hydrocyanici Dilutis, trjjiv ; Vini Seminum Colchici, ti^xv; Aquae Des-
9The second class of cases of jaundice arises from the reabsorption of
10rough way to appreciate the presence of this softening is to allow
13chial Tubes. — In such cases bronchial irritation, with fever in many
14in the testicles — symmetrically growing in these latter organs, and
15generally consulted — a period when he knows he can do the least
16The following are the average dimensions of the orifices of the
18times a large pouch bulges outwards, and projects into the cheek, giving
19effusion occurred in 39 cases, which is not at all the usual projxirtion,
20the same time, too lowering a regimen is to be avoided, as thereby
21become feeble; the inordinate appetite diminishes, and is replaced by
22the febrile paroxysm, the bowels also being generally constipated
23Table showing the Correlations of Temperature, Pulse, and Kespiration
24half a grain of the extract of elaterium every night, or every other
25aa 5v ; misce, fiat haustus. To be taken every four, six, or eight hours.
26nous circulation causes imperfectly aerated blood to flow through-
27brain. Some cases prove fatal by a series of apoplectic seizures
28flows from the part. The disease is thereby greatly aggravated —
30of the late Mr. Camplin, of Finsbury Square, who kept his disease
31in extensive single, or in double, pneumonia there are not more than
33powerful causative factor of the disorder amongst the prisoners of the
34tered spots of inflammatory softening may be found in the .neigh-
37having occurred within the cranium), and was followed by death.
38if the diastole of the most distant arteries, such as the posterior
40induration of the pulmonary air-vesicles, by the accumulation of
42confirmed by those of Sir Gilbert Blane during the last disastrous