Inhalation of hot sedative vapors and anaesthetics do good in non-in-
spaces, and also on taking a deep breath. The patient is restless,
Pathology and Morbid Anatomy of Bronchitis, ..... 693
profound feebleness, and in rare cases the central effect is so intense as
pleural effusion is present. The pitch of the percussion-note is raised,
Reviewer in Med.-Ghir. Review, January, 1858, p. 82).
diluted sulphuric acid, in doses of from three to five drops combined
does not exceed sixty in a minute) succeeds the first sound ; but a
strong and plethoric, but "sometimes also in delicate-looking, slight-
knowledged here, namely, that " although the patient with cerebral
for the realm of disease now under consideration, or 4.6 per cent,
young children capillary bronchitis sometimes comes on very insidiously,
heal of themselves, if the nutrition of the system can be maintained
great-grandchild. The scrofulous diathesis is also a strong predis-
It is rare that sanguineous effusion occupies both cerebral lobes,
Ammonia. When the pupils begin to dilate and consciousness