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of other disease, it is generally preceded by swelling of the legs or
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in the nerve-elements or nervous structure of the brain in this disease.
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ters ; tea and coffee are to be avoided, as well as all saccharine articles,
is so great that beads of perspiration stand on the forehead, or
Pathological Relations of Urea in Urine, ....... 930
obstructions by bands, adhesions, cliverticuli, or peritoneum, exter-
the urine passed on the twenty-sixth day, on which day the im-
1000 ; sore throat and influenza, by 36 ; continued fever, by 17 ; paroxys-
five were by drowning, and one that of a man frozen to death; so
pentine is similarly mixed with the yolk of an egg, and half a pint
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may also be given to the extent of 5iij to 5yj in twenty-four hours
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and producing an habitual state of abnormal feeling. There is no
this method of treatment demands time, persistence, and regularity. To
suicide ; or (3.) Leads at an early age to softening of the brain, at
expanding when the thorax expands — whether it be a material
easily within the abdomen, and comparison between the difficulty
Much more extensive records, however, are required to determine