Treatment: — If the obstruction be in the pharynx elevate

cavities of the body. The urine frequently contains blood, renal struc-

the investigation of hereditary tendency is uncertain.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of the Seat of Lesion. — (1.) The more the

of obstruction are scarcely perceptible, or even absent." The move-

towards the splenic end is thin, and for the most part stained by

by febrile symptoms running an extremely rapid course, denoting the

injuries ; others from the excitement of insanity and uncontrolled

and ulcer in the first part of the duodenum relatively frequent in

Jaccoud, and others, defervescence begins in one-fifth of the cases of

taken at bedtime, and its influence will begin to be felt in from

Treatment. — Large and frequent doses of opium should be given, with

f Letter to Dr. L. Parks, quoted in Report of a Committee of the Massachusetts

only in consequence of the patient surviving for a longer period

cavity of the abdomen, and covering the viscera contained in that cavity.

and this season, like the winter, is in general healthy. But in the

deal with these a machinery of strict super^•ision must be provided.

which was generally performed after severe symptoms had set in ;

When, however, the seat of the lesion is in a line with the second

ful consideration." It is a remedy which has been clearly shown

admirable account of the effects of change of climate on diseases of

and the chest-walls. It is caused by (1) an obstruction in the air-tubes,

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sidered as indicating a generally feeble organization, less capable of