1Asylum, near Edinburgh, and Dr. Boyd, of the Somerset County
2when the stomach will not bear more astringent preparations. Five
3The special nervous phenomena are first those of exalted spinal
6and cure the haemoptysis. Indeed, it is in this form of amenorrhcea
7the frequent association of diseased lymphatic glands with it. Dr.
8food is taken into the stomach, almost immediately some of it
10tory conditions of tissue (where loss of peculiar minute structures,
11tion, p. 308). Xow, both of those conditions obtain in many cases
12sometimes followed by melancholia. In both the natural and in the
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14morning. The principles of treatment of chronic alcoholism are the same
15temperature of the atmosphere. The toad, also, when cooled down,
17and copious, and that without the existence of an abscess.] It is
18(c.) Pyromania. — The derangements of the Emotions and of Reason
19pared to stabbing with a knife. Besides being thus a migratory
20* These inhalers are made of glass, so prepared as to receive boiling water without
22In a healthy subject whose abdominal muscles are in good tone
24of fifty-six cases it was absent in four, present mildly in twenty-one,
25causes obstruction of the larger bile-ducts — events of rare occur-
27As to how the lesion first commences some notion may be ob-
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29external jugular vein was excised and used to encircle the line of
30purplish; all over the body the lymphatic glands become
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34properly and adequately nourished, and stimulants are often required,
36cerebral substance acquires its greatest density in males between the