2sults obtained, the diet must be regulated, and such measures taken
4and severe and frequent paroxysms of headache. At length he fell
6bronchi ; long-standing indurations of lung-substance, tubercular or
9chronic mania or melancholia, according to their character.
11The capsule of the amyloid kidney is generally easy torn off, and
12his cases. Dr. Webster believes, from a combination of his own
13tion, who will be above attempting to dispose of unsound or adul-
163. Motorial Symp)toms, as evinced in the loss of power of one limb
17pyaemic symptoms, and where the most critical examination of the body
18thinner. Other tissues of the body, such as the muscles, skin, and
19scends again in winter, when the sun is to the south of it. To the
20the small intestine, it was obvious that the primary inflammatory
21various forms and results of congestion, as well as by other mor-
23is sometimes present in the urine in a high degree, as Dr. Ranking
24of these parts ; (2.) The corpus striatum alone ; (3.) The hemisphere
25eases of the bones, and morbid growths, especially in cases of pri-
26It is seldom in mania that the patient, as in m.onomania, is only
27acid crystals, with which they are sometimes confounded, as well
28be healthy and the secretions free, if the patient's mode of life be
29the lower teeth. Its apex and base are equally motionless, and
30snake-bites; injuries from the bit; injuries from pulling ropes
31himself had suggested, of a backwash in the veins ; that he argued
32f [A Practical Treatise on Phthisis Pulmonalis. Cincinnati: 1861.]
33mor, by compressing the orifice of one of the branches of the aorta,
34moving the brain and cord in connection, which I sent to Mr. Lock-