mond (Treatise on Hygiene, 1863), men of five feet eight inches have the
occasional numbness of the feet and arms, and the peculiar feelings
not long be tolerated. Under its use, the appetite fails, and a loathing
and voracious] ; the skin harsh and dry [and scurfy; the mouth is
The rational use of galvanism in this affection, if the views of its pa-
tract of opium to one, two-thirds, or even one-half part of extract of
eases ; but it has no relation to the causes, to the pathology, nor to,
hit the nail that is pressing. Or, if the patient has picked up
on long enough to bring on vascular reaction, — an artificial hot stage, —
by exertion, some positions of the body, and a full stomach. The
the amount of animal food must be reduced, the diet regulated care-
or exudation ; and their excretion is increased during the absorp-