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the expression of an exhausted nervous centre, brought on by insufficient
except so far as each was due to a specific poison (Med. Times and Ga-
inal walls into thirteen regions, of which five are anterior, four are
or baths of strong broths ; but the skin has not generally sufficient
when the disease was recent, and the strength of the patient still
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bleeding, and causing excruciating pain. When deep, the fissures
cially useful (Startin, Anderson). Fowler's solution (the liquor
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proach the medulla oblongata, the more rapidly fatal is the result.
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was dead; and it has sometimes happened that the man I was
the alveoli themselves, the connective-tissue of the lung, the walls
one case of intussusception in an adult, and in this case the ob-
tient. Towards the close of life the loss greatly surpasses the gain,
the head downwards the parts of the body are supplied, seriatim,
renheit, or more degrees. In the majority of cases the decrease
tage. When membranous films or shreds of coagulable lymph are
phenomena, however, prevailed in a much larger proportion of cases
lower part of the eye-ball will be seen a semi-circular whitish
part affected, because there, and there only, voice is formed. The
thetic ganglia. There is not simple spasm of the crico-thyroid muscle,
twice ; heart healthy. About ten o'clock at night he complained