agents as may relieve the vomiting. Glycerine in two drachm
With such a limited experience to draw upon, it is difficult to
formed between and amongst them. According to Virchow, such
boy, aged ten, had fever at the age of four years, afterwards chorea,
" When we prick the mesial line of the floor of the fourth ventricle, in
through lesions of certain organs rather than others are still un-
grains of the pulvis scillce three times a day, the dropsy is generally
the sounds heard in health and those in disease are not yet re-
atmosphere (Longmore, Taylor); while (4.) An increase of the
verted into a pouch filled with pus. The pus is generally of a
apex of the lungs," are described as the physical signs of this so-
to make itself more or less manifest throughout the whole of the
nitrogenous substances — the albuminates — that the digestive power of
the stomach from disordered innervation, are much more frequent in the
emotional actions (either or both\ which have their origin in the
joint; for in the flexed position of the limb, the surrounding structures
between 98° and 100° Fahr. The applications should be continued
that part, while the other symptoms vary according to the severity
manently impaired, the viscera tend to sag downwards, and strain
the final coma, and make him sooner sleep the sleep of death. But
tubes. These spasms may also be observed to be constantly chang-
11 cases, from 20 to 50, 21, and from 50 to 60, 2. Morgagni mentions a
considerable reduction of the blood-heat. The best manner of doing this
" Contacts " who have had a previous attack may return to
was seen in Mecklenburg, Lunenburg, and Brunswick, Va. ; in some parts
Lesions of the Heart apt to be attended by Angina Pectoris, . . . 644
down. The precordial space is thus lessened in size by the advance
emphasise the statement, that in almost every case the child l<Miks
and which it undoubtedly relieves for a time, if allowed to run its
of bones, with a dry, harsh skin, a pee\nsh en*', and an apjXMrance
Much more extensive records, however, are required to determine
ounces in divided doses every half hour, and for ten days lived on
syphilis. It may almost be said that they have been seen to grow
tracti Taraxaci, gr. ij ; Extracti Stramonii, gr. ss. M. Fiant pil. ij.
nection with other disorders, endemic and epidemic, and most or all have
lymph. The tendinous sheaths and capsular ligaments sometimes
we can with certainty diagnose the early existence of tubercle ; and