(Proitt, Eorin, and Verdeil, Rose, Bird, Hassall). When the

necessity for a prolonged period of observation to obtain a fair average,

Afterward give a vegetable tonic to improve the digestion.

that " extremes in practice," whatever they may be, when adopted

chial tubes ; and which, as already shown, may lead to collapse, con-

ined after death, in which no affection of the peritoneum, or of any

sional man ; but unless you have the strongest evidence against it, do not

undoubtedly implicated, and a rigid adherence to animal food alone, were

like so many pustules of small-pox. The apices of these abscesses

short periods (Frerichs). The evaporation of the urine gives

drawal of blood is justifiable One is, where coma comes on rapidly

a chair. For examination of the lateral regions, the arms must be raised

fatty, atheromatous, pigmental, calcareous, fibroid ; (k.) Syphilitic ; (1.)

If the patient lives in a town, she ought to be sent into the country ;

In this form of dropsy, however, the peritoneum becomes more

Fine crepitation occurring coincidently with intense heat of skin

Warty Diseases of the Skin — Ichthyosis, ....... 976

grates under the knife. The cut surface may be granular or not, or pre-

spring from the cord itself, and take their origin out of the gan-

45. Posterior View of the Parts after Removal of the Tumor, .

natural peristaltic action of the bowel above the occluded point

all three specimens they arose from the peritoneum exactly along

increased in quantity, are hardly changed in character ; but if the

and the optic nerves atrophied by pressure. Ischa?mia papilla? is the

the human body may be of such a kind that the continued and

combination of these two conditions is to be attributed many of

forming their functions, and to such an extent that the whole of a limb,

of mercury. Dr. Parkes gives also a very ready process by evapora-

posed. That both autocthonous and migratory clots are capable of pro-

chloride of magnesium, and phosphates of lime with free carbonic acid,

is conscious that abnormal changes are taking place in his Mind —

tube communicates with the interior of the bag, the patient breathing

for a greater or less extent of time, — sometimes not for days, — pre-

sciousness, associated with stertorous breathing, foaming at the

the patient is instructed to breathe naturally ; if it be desired that it reach