ought to be given in small doses repeated after every diet. (8.) Diu-

A form of cirrhosis is due to the waxy liver, as well as to the

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beneficial results have been observed to follow. But as the active

the infiltrated patches are red and inflamed. The redness is not

Jones, Chambers, Leared, and Brinton. Nevertheless, the morbid

The act of digestion, or rather fulness of the stomach, appears to

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lent persons the prognosis is more favorable than in those of spare habit.

predominance of the disease is mainly to be sought for in the impure

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"Another very striking fact shown by Dr. Balfour's tables is the great

pneumonia in old persons, pain was an initial symptom in 22 (Bergeron),

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Definition. — The discharge of blood by expectoration.

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Of all the internal organs the liver most frequently suffers from the