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of this range of structure is capable of producing paralysis ; and the
from, but no case is free from danger, the peritoneum often being
which have their source in the medulla oblongata, may be expected
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matter, at the end of a fortnight or three weeks, gray granulations, semi-
cyst the size of a goose's egg, situated between the hemispheres of
solution of one part of it in two of boiling water, a little oil of rosemary
them come round if you fill the mouth with salt." The remedy,
Walls of the Heart" {Med.-Chir. Trans., vol. xxxv, for 1852). Two
well to flush out the lungs with air so as to remove any ether vapour
There is generally in such cases syphilitic lesions in the liver and
External physiognomical differences may generally be recognized
and accurate in either case, he says, "It is a dreadful announcement
the dropsy. "When the stomach will bear it, the tincture of squills
(d.) From the kidney-tubes cylinders or renal casts are formed in
of a hydatid occupying the internal surface of the right hemisphere,
trievably destroyed (Meryon). The chances of saving the patient
ized fluids with success ; and he mentions a case, where a cure b}^ other
the seat of lesion. (2.) If the loss of sensation affects a portion of
points a little removed from each other. The tubes in the track of the
by fluctuation, or by percussion in some parts ; or if lymph, by a
vascularity of the papilla and choroid, with dilatation of the veins, which
The diseases belonging to this order are more strikingly wasting
coughing also often causes vomiting, so that the blood discharged
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lar results in man. When, however, we consider how many per-