the urea and chloride of sodium may occur, which would, imply a con-
large masses of connective-tissue take the place of gland-substance.
Innumerable remedies for relieving the immediate gastric symptoms
exerting traction on the mesentery, the genito-mesei^teric fold
of the mesentery. As strangulation increases, blood exudes from
wards, a train of nervous symptoms sets in. The patient complains of
obliquity of the inferior maxilla, either when at rest or during mas-
There are three forms: (1.) Uniform and cylindrical, tubes naturally
pleura, and be followed by empyema and pneumothorax.
throw some light on the influence, at least, of the supra-renal cap-
I have seen horses, where the obstruction was within the
somewhat resembling those of chorea are sometimes seen at the
herited gont ; and in some instances both diseases conld be traced
the degenerate tissue in their vicinity becomes a continuous mass
tin, Tulloch, Macpherson, Boudin). Dr. Macpherson also makes
spermatic vessels and nerves (spermatic plexus, external spermatic nerve) and the
after a less lengthened interval ; in some cases, the same year in
or the parts at the back of the neck, and the " pulmonary percus-
* The most usual forms of uric acid sediment, with blood-corpuscles intermixed
o'clock in the night, and the second attack being more severe than the first,
life ; and it was also diagnosed by Drs. T. K. Chambers, and Walshe,
to a greater or less extent spread over the surface of the dura mater.
respective parts ; but the long continuance of the symptoms, their
in this way, and partly in consequence of a certain amount of tubal
part of the patients to destroy themselves. Some of these unfor-
rangements in whole and in detail, — of avoiding overcrowding, — of
way as to display the larynx, or any part it is desired to see, to the
which may completely or partially cover the first sound of the