quoted. Dr. Jules Guerin believed that crude tubercle can never be con-

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an exudation essentially morbid in character (Rokitansky, Ben-

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should consist of mild, simple articles of nourishment, especially

third day — Alison) the more likely will bleeding be followed by

warm towels ; and afterwards the patient must retire to a well-aired and

look is most serious, for out of 4 cases only i recovered, but all

is complained of, and none is elicited by pressure. The muscles seem to

tubercular, and syphilitic laryngitis, seem often greatly benefited, as well

abdominal respiratory movements with those of the thorax, so as

bleeding at the arm this boy never once vomited, that the intermission of

prevail embraces realms to the north and south of the equator,

salient points of difference from enteritis will be noticed under that

By repetition of the inflammatory process, numerous layers of fibrin

chronic spinal meningitis, tactile sensibility was so much heightened

increases as the disease advances. Dr. Parkes refers to a case re-

thus there are many instances in which hydrocephalus is not demon-

It is, therefore, the constitutional state previous to the actual occur-

plained by the circumstance that pneumonia, like other inflamma-

Inflammation of the Coronet with suppuration is not infre-

plete cures. Almost instant relief has followed Faradization in some

Sometimes there is diarrhoea but more frequently constipation.

The loss of motion is commonly absolute at first, especially in the