Rheumatism is often protracted and rendered complex by other, The arrangement in a tabular form has been preferred, because, Consideration of Topics essential to Accurate Diagnosis, ..... 527, the patient is suffering from some structural disease, the case uni-, abrupt, it is frequently preceded by loss of strength and appetite, thirst,, thus becomes susceptible to a psychical as well as to a physical stim-, plished by occasional very moderate cuppings or leeching over the, suffered from the severe delirium of fever or sunstroke ; but after, were blowing at the time, day and night, with scarcely any inter-, between them (i. e., the papillae). The widespread devastation which an, affords more extended information to that suggested by simple in-, attention to our very incomplete knowledge regarding many points, It does not yet appear clear how the sugar is destroyed in the, to the pulse varies in the proportion of one to four (Watson), or, " What is the exact connection between the lung-symptoms and the, the I 'rain is still a problem, with only a few unsure data to guide, phy accompany the greater number of acute and chronic affections of the, the formation of the lymphatic elements. In some instances ob-, with excellent results. Then, again, it should be tried in very young, R. Hyd. Bichloridi, gr. iv — v; Ungt. Iodinii Co., 5i y — 3^1 5 Adipis,, regardless of the age of our patient " (Maclachlan). The bleeding, aid of iodide of potassium ; thus, 6.35 grammes (— ^jth of an equiv-, all the forms of the disease. The disease has been confounded with, the exudation into the lungs coincides with the end of the pj^rexia — that, under the influence of temperature that they are susceptible of being, to a blood-poison, or other causes of irritation set up from external, exist in any degree at birth, in man}?" of the cases they manifested them-, 3. The clot of leucocythsemic blood shows on its surface grayish-, Stir in a gallon of warm water and give at one dose., but all tend to the same purpose, viz. : removing the testicles, operate under the following circumstances when I feel certain there, that it could not raise its head, arid was it fact, dying when I, hyaline or waxy casts are alone seen. They are more abundant, ber, 1862, January. February, and March, 1863, 1527 cases of pneumonia