gaining that ability and thus the paralysis continues. Exam-

duration is from two to four months, its course is steadily onward, and

Bichloride of mercury {corrosive sublimate) in small doses, continued

tubes ; one tube enters laterally at the bottom, and is about three inches

minuria does not disappear. Dr. Parkes found temporary albu-

orifices of the heart is relatively greater in the male than in the

from a sponge. When its action is listened to during life, a lung

one or two cases were met with among the soldiers in the vicinity of New-

In the first and second stages the appetite and digestion, as a rule, are

cardiac, pulmonary, and gastric disease in this case, and the pa-

rickets and softening of the bones the phosphates are increased.

in the ventricle, is various. In one case the ventricle was ruptured

but the clearness of the percussion-sound becomes diminished, and

suicidal propensity is developed in connection with religious melan-

I. J hemorrhage; hydatids (Walshe) ; apoplectic foci in

Further, whenever in the course of the inspection of dairies any

with one ounce of water and touch the sores with it every

culations. Thus a " poor " watery fluid is constantly being sent

has been included) that the orifice may be closed, like a valve, by

point, to which the vulgar give the name of " grubs " or " worms "

(Jeremiah, chap, xxii, ver. 10). Army surgeons often witness such

tainted, so that secondary cancer ensues in distant situations, when, as is

like so many pustules of small-pox. The apices of these abscesses

two volumes of urine (40 c. c.) ;* (2.) After filtration take 15 c. c. of the

Symptoms. — Uncomplicated acute nephritis has hitherto been con-

ysis of the expectoration in this case demonstrated the presence of