though still tenacious and adherent to the sides of the vessel,

is sometimes present in the urine in a high degree, as Dr. Ranking

abundant secretion of an extremely tenacious, clear, whitish bile, or blood-

of potassium, immediate and great relief was given by half-grain doses

brain substance — as discoloration, hardening, &c. — are frequent, still they

rendered innocuous by the air of large cities. This fact is noto-

106°,] in which the patient is to remain a short time only, and to be im-

inches by inspiration and about three by expiration.

which there are two forms — namely, acute mania and chronic mania ;

tensity, so that it rather approaches to anthrax, and may be of

mean of the thermometer was not above 104°, as the mean of the

by scabbing), of open wounds, gunshot passing near vessels, and

may be expected to subside ; and after the regimen has been strictly

died; and eight cases and six deaths in the 3d Alabama (Confederate),

phthisis — an opinion first promulgated by the late Dr. Wells, and

the different physiological acts which constitute a complete cardiac

larity of the membranes of the spinal marrow. — [Dub. Jotir. of Med. Science, May,

vegetable putrefaction and growth, may variously affect the health

present so many elements in common, that all these new growths

common in persons of a lymphatic habit. It is met with at all ages, but

is enlarged, and changes its position. In some diseases, as in em-

and by the absence of any membranous lining (Armstrong, Graves,

feeble, or if signs of valvular insufficiency are present, it is prob-

may be considered as typical and distinct ; and other forms may be

ralysis of the bladder is indicated by diminished force in the stream

and occasionally in as short a period as three weeks or even less.

quite noticeable, cut off the hair and apply the following as a

whole grain in the manure. Other symptoms are unthrifty