ease than to simple inflammation of the lung (loc. cit., p. 258). Dr. Wilson
put entirely round the affected limb, and when the knees are the
The diagnosis l>oth as to the presence of effusion and the nature
beneficial effect, nux vomica has been more successful, commencing
rial fevers, and affections of the liver, is observed in those countries
to educate their ear to the utmost in the detection and appreciation
testines, and sometimes it is as thin as a wafer, or consists merely
two points being so separated that the patient can, at one time, have
induced by the injection of pus than of simple fluids, or even of solid par-
Palpation during the early stage may disclose deficient expansion
Liston drew the attention of the profession to them. Hemorrhage
by cutting into the ur^^thra in the perineal region, when the
other person in the profession. A predisposition to cardiac inflam-
oil-globules, and pigment-molecules. In the former portions the
but more marked in some places. Towards the circumference of
lying torpid for years, the malady may awaken to new and more
cases of pneumonia there can be no doubt ; that it has no curative power
the autopsies I have witnessed or made, demonstrated the existence of
the paralyzed side remaining thus motionless when efforts are made
President Louisville Neurological Society; Consulting Neurologist to the Louisville City Hospital; former
those most liable to the disease. A great proportion of his patients
The propensity to commit suicide is in some persons so great that
color becomes pale, or dirty yellow, while the skin is dry and rough.
Senile change (Fig. 23) in the vessels, and consequent loss of elas-
may be expected to subside ; and after the regimen has been strictly
hart Clarke's observations tend to show) the lesion of the spinal
ther than by medicinal means. The patient must eat in small quan-
below these lines they begin to deteriorate, from increased temper-