ingly. It is necessary to abstain from all amylaceous food, as well as

taken, and such patients can never with impunity eat and drink as

of tissue. It increases after full, heavy, indigestible meals; and

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four times out of five — constantly marked by a chill, varying from mere

" seen in violent inflammation scattered portions of coagulable

affections of the stomach attended by continuous and uncontrollable

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facial hemiplegia is less hopeful ; so also in double facial hemiplegia ;

striking pathological signs of endocarditis. The tricuspid valve

a common catarrh. Cough, however, generally soon appears, be-

phthisis under the latter description ; and the confusion has been

lungs not unfrequently occurs, accompanied with the usual symp-

present for awhile in the second stage, and may persist through the course

want of exercise. As the animal is put to work there is a

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overlooked, inasmuch as their existence in one patient renders it

and it goes on to be marked between eighteen and twenty-five

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parts which most frequently suffer. Some joints are more prone

lenticular glands and the patches of Peyer, during the progress of

be observed to follow clearly and distinctly, the chances are that

" 3. When a lung is the seat of tubercular infiltration throughout,

physema, which disappeared on recovery ; but owing to the violence and

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whether the gray or the white matter is the more liable to inflamma-

disease which affected the integrity of the supra-renal capsules