tions show a layer of very distinct pigment-granules in the rete
metamorphosis of tissue going on under such circumstances. In-
2. Distinct loss of Perception, profound coma, and general paralysis,
that its formation is in any way of the nature of a Zymosis ; main-
ference of each side read off simultaneously. By taking the size at
usually affected ; this is not the case in bronchial dilatation. The gen-
four annual volumes have now been published, for the years 1859
Cough. — The severity, the frequency, or paroxysmal nature of
pathetie nerve. Dr. Wilks says, in his last very valuable paper upon this
supra-renal capsules was brought prominently before the profession,
sternum below, by the line passing transversely on a level with the
then be visible and frequently greatly swollen. It also occurs
recourse has been had to local remedies. The most efficient of
oxysm, but the precursory symptoms are liable to great variation
form described as the disease known by the name of barbiers. It is
tongue becomes very dry, and generally brown in the centre. The
the ileum ; and Typhlitis is understood to mean an inflammation of
179 admissions per 1000 men ; continued fevers, by 68 ; spasmodic
the class of so-called " Emotional paralysis." (2.) Pregnancy is apt
turned up and bound to the aorta, or it may be turned down and
very generally adopted since. These may be so obscured, or even
it is a fertile, but often unsuspected source of chronic disease of the
may continue for a lengthened period without a fatal result.
flammation of the kidney) commences as functional excitement,
same age, by the same variety of tubercular disease. Tuberculosis,
as having occurred in the 19th Regiment between the 23d of May
mation of widely dispersed, shapeless, collections of pus ; in the prob-
characters of those of nitrate of urea" {Clinical Lectures, by Dr. Todd,
The pulverizing current of air is supplied by the mouth, or by a bellows,
sistent with that love of truth which ought to characterize every profes-
of temper may remain ; or the reason or the affections may be changed to
the bodily functions ; the mode of attack is distinct ; the persons liable to
and chronic tuberculosis. Sameness of designation is, he thinks, in both
mences as a simple stomatitis ; but very soon, small, round, transpa-
striking, and symptoms of functional derangement present them-