1amphorique," or "bottle sound." Again, if the cavity be large
3which covers them is red and villous in the vicinity of the softened
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5R. Potassii Iodidi, gj ; Potassii Bromidi, ^j ; Ammonii Bromidi, ^ijss. ; Potassae
6to be the sole cause of death. In all the examples which we have now
7works the general remarks and descriptions of brain diseases have
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13a flexible mouth-piece is fixed. It is used as an Eastern uses a
14surface of minute bloodvessels. "While, therefore, scrofulous mate-
15milk from the mother's breast, if possible, and all such means as
16Medicale, Aout 1, 1868) gives the following facts with regard to this
17it does in small nodules, isolated or grouped together, or as large
19survive for several years, the membranous portion becomes ossified
20tary movements of the paralyzed limbs occur simultaneously with
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28and fat alone remain ; and the kidneys are found gorged with new
30the washed bran in a cloth, as dry as possible, then spread it thinly on a '
31climate, epidemic and endemic influences, eariiness of treatment,
32researches into the nature of this disease have been most prolonged
33owe its origin to endocarditis. Such chronic valvular disease is
34Bromide of Potassium (1 to 10 grains). In cough from irritation about the
36proportion of cases of tuberculosis. The influence of lessened breath-
37Until the metamorphosis of the nitrogenous tissues in Bright's
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