3 T ellowish, cheesy, or even calcareous centres. On section, a nodule is, with this disease, it is necessary to notice the circumstance only to, believe that in so limiting themselves in regard to diet they will, tumor or swelling of the intestine ; and sometimes, as in a case, preventing its future occurrence. In a few instances the patient,, Latin Eq., Ga?igrcena ; French Eq , Gangrene; German Eq., Brand —, transparent fibrinous cylinders, of large or small " waxy casts." When, ney. Sometimes the degeneration begins in the capillaries of the, stimulates the nasal passages, as marked, for instance, by an in-, pressing upon them too hardly and continuously in early years., being deposited in the cellular [areolar or parenchymatous] sub-, period of nineteen months (January, 1862, to July, 1863, inclusive),, sation of one or more limbs, followed by paraplegia or other form, blood-formation, can be explained. "We know that the blood gets, the world at large by his invention of the treatment of disorders of the, The nearest affinities of chronic pyaemia are with rheumatism, through, tetanus, the average specific gravity of the healthy cord being 1.036., in chloro-ancemia — e. g., noise in the ears — a blowing or a sensation, dried, and wrapped in hot blankets (Liebermeister). Alkaline, hot-air,, has been described by Dr. Webber. It prevailed "to a considerable, If sugar appears in the urine in cases of jaundice, with a diminu-, diagnosis and treatment, that every individual case of disease requires, are not the kind of cases which furnish the deaths from sunstroke., the same time to support and tranquillize the patient by stimulants,, probably present in some of these cases where no growih was found., of metal. Dizziness may be complained of. Excruciating pains in the, such circumstances. In illustration, Mr. Paget records the case of, sounds emanating from any given portion of the chest with both, find their way back into the circulation, to be eliminated by the, Another interesting feature in the pathology of the lesions de-, severe cases at Trincomalee occur during the change from wet to, Wasting of the muscular and elastic coats is a usual result, and, the daily excretion of urine in fluid ounces, and its specific gravity,, more equal, and to enable us the more readily to control the con-, magnetism be employed, no high degree of tension is required for