manifested in the lowermost part of the cord, corresponding to the

sometimes confined to the nostrils alone, but more frequently

diate cause of death in persons suffering from cerebral disease ; and

diseases, holds a prominent place. Indeed, in 1861, this affection

missioned officers attacked, two were on duty at the time as orderly

cervical glands, in exophthalmic goitre, in cancer of the oesophagus, &c.

all the forms of the disease. The disease has been confounded with

(2. ) A ringing, splashing sound — -the succussion-sound of Hippocrates

are as much involved in obscurity as they were a century ago. Virchow,

The gummatous nodule has now been recognized and described

an utter indisposition to take fatt} T matters, received much benefit from

diac disorder, and not with chorea ; and chorea, where it does happen in

Symptoms:— Sometimes the horse will begin to hang back

than in females. In 32 cases where the age is given, there were 31 men,

parts depending upon it for nervous influence — paralysis by irritation and

the cavity of the pleura, and caused pneumothorax, the affected side

the disease appeared to have been excited by accidents, taking in-

country reaching from Madras as far north as Q-anjam (Hamilton).

plate is moved at a uniform rate in the direction indicated by the arrows

Be careful before operating to examine and see that the

The lower boundary of the right lung passes somewhat obliquely and

chests are more susceptible to this disease than those with

creeps on" unawares ; and the victim of its attack only becomes

assimilation in the stomach was the source of the evil has been

it is believed the description of the sounds are more easily studied

one single fit ; but, unhappily, this cannot be said of their repeti-

Definition. — An abnormal wasting and loss of the muscular substance

a drachm of compound jalap powder, given as soon as the patient can

be diminished percussion-resonance on account of pulmonary oedema,

Syphilitic Deposit — Deposita ex syphilide, ....... 802

soda, the phosphoric salts, and urea mixed in various proportions.