tained globules of purulent matter and lymph." Dr. Craigie infer-

Weight of the Cerebral Organs in Relation to Age, Body-Weight, and Height, 271

cranial nerve that has not yet been implicated. The condition of

of a patient whose symptoms were those which are usually regarded

fluid or more solid substances, brings about this collapse, appears

and those who ought to be most dear to the patient by the ties of

See : On Optic Neuritis as a Symptom of the Diseases of the Brain and

by prolonged washing. While, therefore, Bernard's observations

as to press down on the papillae and cause ulcerative absorption of them ;

The production of lactic acid in the system seems probably con-

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to a discovery of this kind was first given hy the observations of Prevost

in 109 cases the disease terminated within the periods indicated in

tinctly referable to the cardiac lesion as their cause. The tracing

of cancers is readily decomposed by nitric and other acids, while the

his case tend to a fatal end, the tongue becomes brown and typhoid,

but of variable and much smaller sizes, existed in other cavities in the

insupportable ; it usually somewhat remits during the day, and is

of great cold in the right arm and leg. The thermometer showed a fall

alcoholic drink be permitted. The preparations of iron are indispensable,

appropriate and effective sedative nervous tonic, and recommends begin-

In 1851 Dr. E. Meryon gave an account of a gentleman's family

where the mean temperature of the }^ear is not far from 50° Fahr. In

portions or qualities of the elements of the blood is the obvious

are confirmed the Medical Officer of Health ought to exercise his

[Mr. Collis says that the cancer-cell is a large, soft, weak, and delicate

Bazire (Trousseau's Clinical Lectures, vol. i, p. 305), remarks that of the

When the diabetic symptoms subside, congestions, especially of

not yet satisfactory. . . . My own examinations of the capillaries lead

When the paroxysm has reached its crisis the muscles relax, the

and laughing, are alternately produced, or accompany each other.

oxysm. Some patients suffer from fearful headaches, the approach

Transitory pains are frequently experienced in the abdomen.

The liver is also frequently enlarged in this disease, but not to so

1000. The diseases arranged in the order of greatest prevalence

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