in the zone beyond, the tissue is softened, while if the process be, tion, being the only noticeable symptoms]. Dr. Prout believed that, Sy]viptoms: — Pain in the abdomen, demonstrated by the, in the writer's experience the bromide of potassium has proved more, son, G. Harley, Benee Jones, W. H. Dickinson,] and others. The, soles of the feet, whose nervous connection with the brain is cut otf, trophy predominates over dilatation, the space which yields a dull, affects principally the straight canals and papilla, and is often con-, to the subject. In 1910 it is stated that " several " samples of, of the spinal nerves, and sometimes with peripheral structure-change in, maining seven being of specific gravity above 1028, the limit of Haughton's Table) gave, muscular paralysis ; or there may be motor palsy, as in hysterical paral-, nal to the bowel, 31 J per cent. ; strictures (including a few tumors), Symptoms. — Fever, rigors, and severe headache and delirium are, two points being so separated that the patient can, at one time, have, observed that malarious yellow fever is epidemic about every sev-, The distance between the tactile spring and the writing lever, having been, murmur denotes regurgitation from the pulmonary artery., bath ; the residue is a yellow, resinous mass, which, if bile-acids be present,, It is undesirable that the respiratorj' movements should be, is characteristic of inflammation ; for in by far the greater number, Prognosis. — Some cases of hydrothorax recover, but the prognosis, almost immediately upon contact with albuminous matters. It is this, be strongly marked at the period of birth ; but the skin appears, paralysis, dementia, epilepsy. . 3. Combinations of these conditions,, But it is the treatment during the interval which is all-impor-, such excessive perspiration. Such perspirations are extremely, they offer for sale. The amount of alcohol, of free acid, of sugar, and, be used for taking the densities, so that it has a long scale. Greater pre-, cancer is limited, however, to the scirrhous stage ; for after it has, whilst the other is seen well adducted towards the median line, may lead, "Urine in Dyspepsia — Alterations in the free acidity are the most, want of consciousness may exist when the fit assumes a severe or, hammered down hard on the wall of the hoof. It may also, insidiously, and creeps on almost imperceptibly, but with a result, dium generally escaping, except when the seat of intercurrent disease, one of which is made to slide on the other by pushing a button forward., studied b^y Dr. Yoisin, and he proposes by their aid the detection of the, the patient gets rapidly healthier. But the course must be a long one,