it is believed the description of the sounds are more easily studied
dinner, and supper : he consequently nauseates a meat diet, and
Addison's care with this disease, and of whom two drawings had been
Irypertrophy with ulceration, in which the number of cells has so increased
R. Pilulse Aloes cum Myrrha, gr. iij ; Pilulse Hydrargyri, gr. j ; Ex-
vibration of the air, the air being lessened in amount ; or by increase
the portal circulation than over the hepatic region. Ice applied to
physic cannot make a man think otherwise, when "one man thinks
supervene during sleep, as the result of a frightful dream disturbing
portion is thinner and darker than in adults, and the medullary
Patho-anatomy and Pathogeny of Chronic Alcoholism, .... 431
and a peculiar pigment existed in the interior of the eye. In a
system, indicating defective systemic vital power, and, consequently, de-
were found lying dead ; and in three a death-struggle existed of
the cavity of the cells. Another tint may occur from decomposi-
Dr. Bence Jones on the Gouty Diathesis], . . . . . . 71
power, ending in complete imbecility and paralysis. The excito-motory
perhaps be more instructive to write a condensed statement of that
Latin Eq , Alcoholismus ; French Eq., Alcoolisme; German Eq., Tranksucht.
followed daily jt will be of much benefit in checking the cough,
sounds, the friction-sound continues audible longest, and is recovered
face, soft, irregular consistence, great vascularity, and usually rapid
in alcoholic beverages. As Dr. Druitt justly observes, " the only
times the vocal cords seem perfectly healthy, whilst the rest of the mem-
the nervous centres. It is more fixed than cutaneous anaesthesia, and