vesicles, and the consequent stretching and disorganization of their, Order I. — Exanthemata. Order IV. — Papula. Order VII. — Maculae., As regards the metamorphoses of tissues the muscles and the, severe cases at Trincomalee occur during the change from wet to, filled by a local or general bloodletting. Modern investigations, ing in kind as well as in degree, namely, — (1.) Rheumatic endocar-, disease may be commencing, to terminate fatally perhaps two years, tingling or uneasy sensations over the surface generally. A sixth, upon the surface of the organ. They are of a dark red or livid color,, Senile change (Fig. 23) in the vessels, and consequent loss of elas-, along the dorsum of each foot, ascended up the front of the legs, epithelium carried into them from the adjoining smaller bronchi,, macopceial medication will be saved to both parties" (Reynolds's System, substance, are similarly involved in the degeneration, and the gen-, Thus, while vomiting may depend upon derangement in the gas-, (August, 1864, in JEdin. Med. Journal) further observations, con-, displace the elaborate negative and positive pressure cabinets, adhesions in the abdominal cavity. The folds shown are very like, inwards and downwards to opposite the sixth rib or interspace,, tion of the membranes, usually partial, and in many cases dependent, Gyn., and Obstel., .^pril 1913, xvi.). In this specimen there was, fresne found the sight more or less affected in 20 out of 162 cases., eased state therefore remediable ; but in extensive deposit in the supra-, in forming a prognosis, and demand the careful study of the Physi-, of pathological and physiological study, furnishing results which no, three cases, attacks of angina pectoris are recorded. In one of, The spleen is occasionally atrophied, so that little more than a, [Hurried respiration is an early and common symptom. Of 91 pneu-, tical tubes have been reduced to impermeable microscopic threads, whilst, 2. Murmur associated with the Tricuspid Valve may be due to re-, only once a ft)rtnight, the c;ccum occupied tlie whole of the lower