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The muscular hypertrophy appears at a variable period after weakness
It has been well observed by a veteran physician — Dr. Joseph
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130). With the arrangements of Dr. Bowditch's syringe, we are
mechanism which produces emphysema. Dr. Elliotson considers a
common lesion in the adult, as showm by Dr. West and confirmed
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When the fit is going off, a violent itching seizes the foot, es-
91. Dynamographic Tracing, same case, right hand, ..... 993
repeated occurrence of tubercles, while those which previously ex-
sight of food often exciting loathing. In other instances there was
Dr Meikle, Dr Claude Ker, and Mr J. M. Cotterill {Convener).
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Sometimes. The knife may relieve the disease, but if it is in the
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Villous Cancer is a name given to " cancer in mucous membrane, when
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For reasons already stated, phthisis must he regarded in many
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