and the respiratory movements become very disorderly. After the

Another point of diagnosis is to be recognized in the behavior of

the disease, but not to the extent generally supposed. Belladonna,

mildest case in the child it is commonly repeated three or four

close to the ear. Heard at first about the base of the lungs, it soon be-

vertebrae. When the disease extends downward to the bones

("Walshe). The diastolic murmurs are really of venous origin ; and

them as little resisting bodies set in the lung (Paget). "When ex-

finger over the skin is felt, whilst there is total insensibility to pricking

the Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia, its irritant action being neutralized

types of disease in the tropical realm, or even than they were cen-

chloric acid baths, is highly spoken of by Dr. T. K. Chambers, as an

Prognosis. — Cancer, though long latent, and its course slow, pur-

and so long as the muscular condition is sound, the valve disease

not an early symptom, appearing generally about the end of the first

this time the disease assumed the ordinary form of melancholia. It

possibly one or more cysts may be detected in it. When examined with

where there is great accumulation of air and great displacement of

of the ventricles ; and, therefore, if auriculo-ventricular in origin, it

" Dilatation of the Bronchi," in the Edin. Med. Journal for July, 1867,

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or tuberculosis considered as a constitutional affection; and on our

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