1lesion influences the amount of the increase, is not yet decided (Folet,
3This is an inflammation of the lining membrane of tlie
4of Pinel and of Esquirol ; and they usually combined it, in cases of
5aperture continues to increase in size. It is invariably seen
6measure the result of the continual over-distension and straining to
7cupping there. In cases of rheumatism, Drs. Stokes and Gaird-
8black matter in variable proportions, the tint depending on their proportions, and
9it being dealt with without further delay. At the same time he
10once was ; and, moreover, his descendants degenerate. He com-
11which have their source in the medulla oblongata, may be expected
12portion being more or less furred, of a white or of a brown color
14the middle lobe in 30. Pneumonia of the apex is twice and half times
15quantities of blood or of melanic matter which are effused, and
16puscular elements, resembling chyle or lymph, and consisting of fat
17Order III. Bashes. — Exanthemata are composed of superficial red patches of
18times so soft as to have been easily cut by the scalpel.
19other forms of tuberculosis have been carried out. In such inquiries
20lies behind the cartilage of the third left rib, close to the sternum,
21It is not improbable that the tubercle-knots are formed owing to a
22are found to be attended with the same nerve-lesions — namely,
23his pulse more rapid, profuse sweats break out all over his body,
25nance is intense, usually of a metallic ringing character. This is
27curial action has been established, the further administration of the
29" Stimulants," writes Dr. Stokes, " are often imperatively called
30regurgitation, and least so in cases of aortic obstruction ; and, gen-
31The diagnosis is to be made between this form of Insanity and