symptoms with deranged circulation arising from a damaged heart ;

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3. Propensities or passion [Examples, Dipsomania. Kleptomania,

hart Clarke (and those of Cruveilhier, Drs. Guy, Herard, Virchow, Luys,

anaesthesia springs. So varied are the sources whence the anaes-

cascal region (I have noted this in a large number of foetuses) and

deficient proportion of blood-corpuscles is observed to be a most con-

afterwards diarrhoea may alternate, and lead to hamiatemesis or me-

from each other by the oesophagus, the trachea, and the projection

the tidal and alveolar air by a process of diffusion.

fect's Annals of Insanity, p. 404, quoted by Dr. Tuke, op. cit., p 150).

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limits of the acini are unusually well defined, and the section or

one most frequently affected and where complete union is most

of the scapulae ; prominence of their inferior angles, and the firm-

Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment of Peritonitis, 846

being thickened, irregular, and rough, cannot be sufficiently closed

second crease in the mouth. Feed corn on the ear and give.

Europeans as it is among the natives. Indeed, next to cholera,

sign of emphysema ; and at the base of one or both lungs, and remote,

the large intestines as high as 1.050. The specific gravity of

are no outward signs of the lesion to attract attention. Pallor,