and paralysis of the trunk and lower limbs is complete. Such a con-

altered in quality, tending to assume the eorpuscidar character.

suddenly, and are characterized by a constrictive anxious pain,

action may be successfully stimulated by means of the vapor or


may be recognized either by the naked eye or by the microscope (Fig. 4).

may grow in masses, or may be infiltrated into the tissues of the

many persons are inclined to diet themselves with great strictness

nation of ulcers excised from the anterior wall of the duodenum

chical phenomena — deviations from the state of health, requiring the

new formations, has its origin in connective tissue ; when this has reached

If no such reaction ensues, more urine is to be added, until a quan-

the liver there occur patches of hyperemia, while the peripheral

error prevails respecting the relative amount of acidity in different

reduced to nothing ; the grasp is gone ; and at last palsy becomes

tion is labored and tedious, and starts sharp from the conclusion

The following table gives the chief substances used, their closes, and

The nervous sensibility is sometimes greatly increased, and the

proportion of cases of tuberculosis. The influence of lessened breath-

by certain anatomical characters, and by more or less characteristic

* [Dr. Greenhow believes that there is some intimate connection between the dis-

periods of frequent temporary arrest of all the general and local

The patient suffers from loss of appetite, indigestion, sickness,

Dr Torrance Thomson in reply said that Professor Caird seemed