The urine is often suppressed for a time after an attack of hys-
within it the effete materials intended to be eliminated by
and moisture north and south of the equator, so do the pathologi-
Pathology. — Some confusion has arisen from the use of the term
weight of evidence clearly shows that diabetes mellitus belongs to
ally becomes more violent every hour, and comes to its height towards
a sense of constriction or of burning. It compels the patient, if walking,
In addition to these observations, an able and elaborate paper
quality, or assimilation of food ; and so long as misery and poverty
for 1854, p. 546 ; (3.) An able letter by Professor Kolliker, in the
f [Calmeil, De la Paralysie consid&ree chez les Alienes, 1826. Traite des Maladies
main remedies necessary from the very beginning. .Abstinence can-
cases of kidney disease seem to be most probably of blood origin,
by congestion of the lungs. Dr. Bennett, however, is opposed to
he is often able after it to get up and walk. Digestion becomes at
cation, expressed by the common English phrase, " want of breath; "
Mode of Percussing. — The pleximeter is to be placed flat upon the
found to have undergone any of the processes of transformation
that membrane is divided, the serum is found to be fluid, and to
of distress, and there is an incapacity or unwillingness on the part
The thickness of the parietes of the heart varies also with age ;
the heart, and from this cause the ventricle has been found so re-
is recorded by Dr. J. L. Brown, in the Am. Journal of Obstetrics, &c,
country the tendency of the Creole and the Xegro to phthisis is
from the anaemia, they procure water from Goodoor, a village about
Dr. De Chaumont, and published by him in the Medical Report of the