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in which the asthma follows an error in diet, or supervenes on a full
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sues than a disease of the blood. The urate of soda bears the same rela-
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The citrate oj iron and quinine, either in solution or in the form of
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The earliest and fundamental one continues to act throughout,
more or less displaced by effusion into the cavity of the joint ; and
and next the parietal, and lastly the occipital, although its origin
imals starved to death, the solid constituents of the blood, and particu-
over which a dark-colored scab may form. In children its usual site is the
cases is that of Venereal, by which one-third of all the admissions
de M6decine, t. xix, Paris, 1855. Rapport de M. Bouvier sur ce travail, Bui. de l'Acad.
impulse may be felt during life. The base of the heart is on a line
Pathological Relations. — Its elimination indicates metamorphoses
tained in books of this kind, he will still find that he has only made
in which there is a slight though general effusion of coagulable
He rejects the name " Colloid Cancer," and calls them " Colloid Tumors "
was based. Nevertheless, Addison's views have by no means re-
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which is decisive r per se of cancer-growths wherever found? It