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6white corpuscles lessen simultaneously and in the same proportion as the
7the seat of lesion. (2.) If the loss of sensation affects a portion of
8a slight scratch of the skin, or gently rubbing the skin with a
9to the temples or back of the ears, may be more useful than vene-
10in those instances where it is connected with a peculiar diathesis, and
11Prognosis. — Simple idiopathic pleurisy on one side of the chest,
14vol. iii, p. 301 ; vol. iv, p. 102). (See College of Physicians' Nomen-
21is present, it forms an oily-looking drop (Scherer).
22healthy and morbid anatomy of the kidney with great care and perseverance, and
24Irritation ; Echeverria, Reflex Paralysis ; C. Handheld Jones, Clinical
25latation is in both lungs, it may be limited to the larger tubes, about their
26against the palm ; or the fingers are clenched, or the toes bent.
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29the exact symptoms of dyspepsia which are associated with these
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